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Post  Rediar on Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:00 pm

Hey if im not meant to post it in here and just keep in other just delete.

GM App: By Rediar

1.Your real name : Peyton Morgan (Pronounced Like Payton)

2.Name in game : Rediar

3.Country : Australia

4.What you know about the game "R.O.S.E. Online: I know alot about the rose online game because i have been playing it since the beta of iRose so i know lots and lots about it.

5.GM exp : I have been a Administrator/Game Moderator On Hyrule Rose and know all the codes, Commands i have a item list oh the codes and i am a person who is very well organised and is able to help or organise others.

6.Why shoud we choose you ?: I think that you should choose me to be a GM because i have alot of GM experience. I will be on the forums and in the game for about 10-15 hours a day and will help who ever needs help even if i am busy doing something else. I am fast at finding at spawning items.

Thanks For Reading

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