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Post  Radio on Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:15 am

Name : Frank
IG name(nick name) :Radio
Age : 16
Country : US, Singapore, Japan (Currently living in singapore)
Versions of Rose played : King Rose, iRose, The REAL SRose, SRose, TigerRose
Previous GM experience : I've been a GM for an atrix based WoW private server. Also, I've been an admin for WoWGasm, and other wow servers.
Knowledge(coding) : HTML, VB, some Java.
Why do you think you are the best choice for us? : I'm online soo much, I love helping. I always offer helpful advice to people, or if someone asks something of me, I'll most likely do it, unless its someone begging for money or stuff.
Time of activity per day(forum/IG) : 3 hours on weekdays, 12 hours plus on weekends.
Qualities(sympathic) : I always follow rules and regulations. Helping is my ecstasy *
English and Japanese are my first languages, ( im japanese/american) and Im currently learning mandarin chinese, and german. I'm very dedicated to anything I do, and I do it to the best of my abilities. I love mmo's I have lots on experience with them. I played EQ for 5 years, WoW for 3 years (and still playing) ROSE Online for 1 year, and countless other games (most of them being korean). Dont take me for a softy :] if i see anyone harassing, abusing the rules, hacking or whatever, I, will, PUNISH ;]

Defect: Sometimes i can be too nice, or a bit uptight when it comes to enforcing rules.


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